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About Us

Small but perfectly formed

We are a very small team of like minded individuals with one goal in mind, to create the most original psychological horror experience we can. We will be putting all our creativity into this project, with a dream of making THE CONTAINER synonymous with fear. 

Our Story

Darren Moon, the creator and founding member of The Container was given a book as a present called The Shrine Of Jeffrey Dahmer in 1993.

This was the start of a facination with the mind of serial killers. He then went on to read many many books on the subject, and watch many documentaries. He is still one of the many that turn to Netflix for a new programme on the dark side of life. At the same time Darren was a DJ in several nightclubs which lead him to be a producer, remixer and artist, giving him the skills to create soundscapes using professional software. Both these passions and a mind that always likes to think outside of the box and to the extremes, he had an idea of creating a fictional serial killer, who uses a shipping container to lure people in under the premise of an escape room. Once people were inside, he wanted to push boundaries and merge many aspects of true crime and horror into one hour no one will forget. Tired of the same old walk round horror experience, with jump scare after jump scare, actors dressed as clowns and zombies, Darren wanted a realistic, smouldering, psychological experience with few cliches.


So he created a serial killer, gave him a name and personality, gave him traits and a modus operandi. The result is a psychotic maniac killer, who has no compassion or empathy for anything or anyone, and capable of any hideous crime. You would not want to meet this man, from the way he talks and thinks, to what he wears and how he walks. this man is a deranged serial killer with a past, that Darren has also given him. This past will be revealed over time.


In order to keep the story fresh and moving forward, Darren introduced chapters to The Container. We are currently in Chapter 1, and this will run for an unannounced period of time, and then Chapter 2 will come into play, and so on, expanding the story to new depths.

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