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I feel that when the participants meet me at their car and I am greeting them nicely while taking their payments and asking them to sign a waiver, they get to know my voice. So when they hear the tape, and when I speak they may well know it's the nice man they just spoke to. I want them to have never heard me and that they are coming into The Container to see me for the first time as a killer. So if the assistant can be the greeter by going to their car when they pull up and telling them to wait in their car, then taking any remaining payments (I will show you how it's easy) and handing them the waiver. Inside the waiver are four lanyards with the safewords on them, so the participants now choose their safeword and wear it around their neck, so it doesn't matter which chair they sit on. They will then collect the waiver.

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We are going to try a new way of fastening the hands, we are using a straight jacket principle, where their arms are folded in front of themselves, and fastened by a chain to the back of the chair. So

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