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We are going to elaborate on this and take it in turns to collect the participants from the car, using different true crime disguises. There will be a toolbag held by the person who has not gone to collect a participant. We ask them to hold the bag while I open the zip on it. Inside will be the collar, hood, hair scrunchie, and knife. I will take out the knife and show them, telling them to not "Fuck around" etc. I will place the knife back in, then take out the collar and place it on them. Then I will take out the hood and place that over their head, then I will close the bag and take it from them. The bag can just be left outside ready for the next one. This is to replace the "Read this out loud" part.



  • Ted Bundy, with crutches and Bundy-styled balaclava.

  • John Wayne Gacy, with clown mask and balloon


  • Dennis Radar, with the Radar female mask.


  • Wearing a black mask


  • The Zodiac Killer, wearing the hood and all black. I will supply a T-shirt with the Zodiac Killers logo


  • TBD

I will open the door and lead them in.

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