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Based at Archer Road Retail Park, Sheffield.


For strictly over 18’s only


The idea for The Container was conceived by Darren Moon, probably while reading one of many true crime books. The original idea was put into practice in 2019 and has gone through many changes and improvements over time. Each time trying to push the envelope a little further. Learning along the way what really makes people uncomfortable and scared.


So participants enter the world of a deranged psychopathic killer by walking into a shipping container. From there on in, the events unfold into a bizarre situation, where you find yourself as others have unfortunately found themselves. This alone set’s us apart from the typical maze attraction with the familiar clowns, chainsaws, zombies, etc. Walking into an unknown situation, with unfamiliar surroundings and a crazy man, is where our 1-hour experience puts you. What also makes us unique is the fact that almost all of what happens inside The Container is either directly or inspired by actual true crime events. What we create is a weird, creepy, dangerous uneasy atmosphere, and our tag-line is ‘One hour you will never forget’


We accept either 2, 3, or 4 participants for each 1-hour session, and we are open Thursday to Sunday most weeks. We only do 2 sessions per night, a 6.30 pm and an 8.00 pm, and it can all be booked on our website


Each participant is required to sign a waiver before they enter, this covers things like you accept that you will be touched, that you understand that adult themes and language are used etc. We also recommend people who have heart problems, mental disorders, claustrophobia, seizures, extreme fear of the dark, or are pregnant, etc. not take part. This waiver can be read in full on our website.


We also have cameras capturing the hour

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