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Thank you for booking The Container

Why not tell your social media how brave you are for booking The Container - A Psychological Horror Experience based on true crime events.

What To Do Next

Please arrive at The Container no later than 10 minutes before your experience is due to start on the day that your experience is booked. We need to be on point with our time slots so as to not keep others waiting.

Once you arrive early at The Container, please park up and stay in your car, a Container member will bring you a welcome pack, please read the contents of the pack.

At this point, the participants must check that the waiver is the same as the waiver they read online before or during the booking process. All participants MUST sign the waiver to be allowed to enter The Container. We may ask to see some age verification.

At the start of your experience, a Container Crew member will come and collect you, they will check the waiver has been signed, and collect the packet and all it's contents from you. They will then lead you one by one into The Container. Only the participants will go to the container, any guests you may have with you will remain in your vehicle until you return. 

The location of The Container is shown in the map below

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