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Waiver / Agreement

Below is a copy of the agreement that each person from your party will need to sign on the day of your experience.

Please read carefully and make sure you understand the document before you pay for your experience. We have highlighted certain aspects to further explain them in the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Waiver 30 07 2023 printable plain version.png
  • Is this like McKamey Manor?
    No. This is a psychological experience, not a beat you up experience.
  • What size parties can take part?
    Parties of 2, 3 or 4 are allowed at varying prices of £30 each for 2 people, £25 each for 3 people and £20 each for 4 people.
  • Do the participants always stay together?
    You are always in the same container, but together is stretching it.
  • Can a person in a wheelchair enter The Container?
    Unfortunately the answer would be no, it is highly impractical to get a wheelchair into the container the way it has been set out inside. In the future this may change as we grow.
  • Can I take photos or video of my experience?
    No. No cameras Of any kind are allowed in The Container, however you will be filmed by us and this footage may be uploaded to our social media. We also ask you to not tell anyone what you experienced, as that would spoil it for anyone who would want to take part.
  • It says I will be touched during the experience?
    Yes, it may be aggressive but not violent or sexual.
  • What if I want to leave before the experience is over?
    Before the experience starts you will be given a safe word, if you say the safe word at any point you will be removed from The Container. You cannot re-enter The Container once you have left.
  • What senses does the experience play on?
    Inside The Container, it's designed to play on all your senses, so what you see, smell, touch and hear. This will give you the full experience.
  • Can I experience The Container if I am blind or deaf?
    The experience relies heavily on audio and actors talking, so blind people will still get some of the experience, but unfortunately deaf people would not understand what is going on.
  • Is there strobe lighting or dry ice smoke effects?
    No there is neither.
  • What should I wear?
    We ask participants to not wear their best clothes. We also ask for you not to wear skirts, high heels, hats or scarfs. Also please keep in mind inside the container it can be hot in summer and cold in winter, so dress accordingly.
  • What is the 'Bring It On' version of The Container?
    This is an option you are presented with on the night of your experience. You can choose to up the ante of your personal experience, (this does not apply to all your party, you have to request this individually).
  • What happens on the 'Bring It On' Version?
    It is a more disturbing and challenging version of The Container, and so you will be treated more aggressively in parts. You will have a slightly different experience to anyone who chooses to not have this version. It is more realistic and more chance of minor injuries.
  • Do I still get a safe word in the 'Bring It On' version?
    Yes, the safe word is still available to you.
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